My best review thus far.

2012-09-09 13:31:49 by davidsgallant

I've never been a very active participant in the Newgrounds community. I'm not about to start, because it's just not the thing I do these days. If I want to socialize online, I'll use Twitter. So, I'm not very diligent about checking my game's reviews or responding to feedback. As you can tell from my previous post, I was taken by surprise when A Game For Ana got a front-page feature (a fact that my wife continues to rave about).

Every so often, I check my pageviews and reviews. I'm not sure how I missed this one until now; It's a review of EscapeOut, the second game I've ever made, courtesy of NG user axel-wolf:

My god. You really are not very good at this game thing. I thought I'd try this one before I completely lost my faith in you as a designer. Sadly to say you didn't deviate from the usual crap you've churned out before. You keep saying watch this space? I'm watching all I'm seeing is a hell of a lot of crap. I'd give up, no dignity lost by accepting you're really bad at it.

Inspiring words. I mean, to know that someone had faith in me to lose is an amazing thought.

In any case, new game soon. Perhaps even later today.


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